How Do I Transform My Body?

Pretty much every single person I know wants to transform something about their body.

Some people want flab abs. Some people want big guns and pecs. Some people want to look great on the beach or feel fantastic in their clothes.

Whatever it is, everyone knows that you can’t transform your body overnight.

However, if you commit […]

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A Simple Healthy Portion Cheat Sheet

Here is a simple healthy portion cheat sheet guide to help you eat healthy, lose weight, increase your energy and help banish mid morning and afternoon cravings.

I like this because I have no idea what 8 oz of something looks like or 50 grams of something. It can get very complicated this old weight […]

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Five Ways To Lose Body Fat Without Counting Calories

Five Ways To Lose Body Fat Without Counting Calories.
I want to first start this article by saying that I believe that weight loss is still a matter of taking less energy in and expending more energy out.

I have watched too many dieticians and nutrition experts tell me that this is the case. For example […]

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    The Number One Tip For Getting Fitness And Weight Loss Results

The Number One Tip For Getting Fitness And Weight Loss Results

There is one very simple concept that many people are missing when they train at the gym.

It is nothing fancy and nothing too complicated.

If you are reading this, then you are probably someone who goes to the gym and trains but is not really getting the results you want.

If you are this person you […]

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I Just Cannot Lose Weight

Help – I Just Cannot Lose Weight
Every week I hear from people who say they just cannot lose weight or they have tried everything and it just doesn’t work.

They say things like – “my body is just not built to lose weight” or “I just don’t have the time” or “I am eating really […]

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Six Simple Steps To Help You Achieve Any Fitness Goal

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    Sixteen Powerful Health And Fitness Tips From Fredrik Eklund

Sixteen Powerful Health And Fitness Tips From Fredrik Eklund

16 Powerful Health And Fitness Tips From Fredrik Eklund
I am currently reading a book called ‘The Sell’ by Fredrik Eklund. Fredrik Eklund is the currently the No.1 Real estate agent in New York City and sells over $1b of real estate per year.

This bloke is seriously busy. What I like about successful people is […]

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A Cardio Fitness Workout That Burns Fat

A Cardio Fitness Workout That Burns Fat
I missed my football game this weekend as I was at a Business course. So, on Sunday I decided to try one of my cardio fitness workouts to burn some fat and keep up my fitness for sport.

This cardio fitness workout is designed around a principle called DESCENDING […]

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I am 6kg’s Leaner And Feel Much Stronger

I started training with Human Design 7 months ago, felt ok with my physique but recognised there was a lot of room for improvement. I wanted to get rid of body fat whilst retaining muscle definition.

I’m very happy with my improvements in strength having hit multiple PBs over the last 7 months. I started […]

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Two Simple Powerful Tips To Succeed With Your Fitness


Here is the first Human Design video fitness tip. I will be doing more of these videos this year.

Some people prefer reading and others prefer to listen and learn.

The aim of these videos is to help you simplify your fitness and nutrition and get results.

My aim is to always educate and give practical tips […]

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