How To Get Motivated For All Your Training Sessions

Getting motivated for all your training sessions can be exhausting.

I always say that a client should be intrinsically motivated to get fit and change their body. I really truly believe that Personal Trainers like myself are not Mr Motivators but rather coaches who guide people who want to change. I don’t scream at clients […]

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Should I Do A Detox?

Today I want to point you towards an article that specifically deals with the detox phenomenon.

I get asked at least once per week if someone should do a detox. They want to know if they should do a detox to lose weight or go on a cleanse or get healthy.

I personally hate these things […]

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    North Sydney Personal Trainer Client Of The Month – K.Cliffe – Oz Sale

North Sydney Personal Trainer Client Of The Month – K.Cliffe – Oz Sale

I started training with John because I saw the results that some of my football team mates were achieving when they trained with Human Design.

I initially started with the group training to build up my basic fitness and strength with weights.

I was already fit but this was a completely different challenge. I wasn’t lifting […]

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Losing Weight – It’s Just Too Hard

When it comes to losing weight and changing your body most people make the biggest mistake at the very start.

They give up mentally before the challenge has even begun. The reason they think losing weight is so hard is because they think of the long term goal way too much.
They think the journey is […]

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    How To Make Your Day Better With Just 20 Minutes Of Exercise

How To Make Your Day Better With Just 20 Minutes Of Exercise

Let’s say you have had one of those days. You felt tense, stressed and in a bad mood. You don’t want tomorrow to be the same. Well here is how to make your day better.

Work out early, for about 20 minutes, before you start the day.

We all know that exercise is energising and makes […]

North Sydney Personal Trainer Client Of The Month

Hello folks, we are back with the Human Design North Sydney Client Of The Month.
This is a pretty cool story as Pete is a Type 1 Diabetic. This means he really has to control his blood sugar and manage what he eats in order to train but take a look at the benefits he […]

Interval Training Workouts That Burn Fat

Interval training is all the rage right now. Interval training workouts that burn fat are everywhere on the internet so why should you listen to me about another workout.

Well, interval training is great but your body adapts very quickly to interval training just like other workouts and sometimes even quicker. And one of the […]

Fat Burning Bike Workout

Today we have a very simple fat burning bike workout.

Be prepared to let your legs and lungs burn but massively boost your fitness, leg strength and fat burning capacity.

I am using the bike as an example because every gym has one, every hotel has one and most apartment complexes have one. Therefore there are […]

Seven Simple Ways To Progress Your Cardio Workouts

How often do you get stuck with your cardio workouts at the gym?

It is easy to get into a routine and do a similar routine every day or every week. We get comfortable because the cardio workouts we are easily doing now were once an uphill battle.

However, this is the fastest way to slow […]

10 Ways Weight Training Can Help You And Your Body

Resistance training, also known as strength training or weight training has now become one of the most popular forms of exercise for enhancing our fitness and even improving athletic performance.

Basically, weight training is a term used to describe a form of exercise that forces our bodies to use our muscles against an opposing force […]


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