More Interesting Things I have Learned About Fat Loss

A few weeks ago I wrote a post detailing a lot of  interesting things I learned about fat loss – this post got some great feedback and it seems you want to know more so here are some more facts and principles about fat loss that will help you shed some unwanted poundage (is that […]

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I lost my goal weight of 5kg’s and toned my arms and legs

2014 was a always going to be a big year for me – I turned thirty, my job was getting busier and busier and I was planning a big move overseas in October.

My health kept slipping further down my priority list and soon I was five kilos heavier than I wanted to be. I […]

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Here Is The Most Challenging Thing About Losing Weight

As a Personal Trainer and Lean Eating Coach I train mostly people who want to lose weight.

This ranges from 2kg’s to 20kg’s or more.

Everyone has different challenges when it comes to losing weight and this can be a busy work schedule, partners who sabotage their efforts, lack of finances or a poor relationship with […]

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How Do I Find The Best Personal Training In North Sydney?

Okay – so you are ready to tone your abs, drop a dress size, fit back into your favourite business shirts, feel 10 years younger again and get some personal training – but you don’t know where to start.

With so many options available how do you begin to look to find the best personal […]

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The Formulation Of Your Weight Loss Plan Must Include This

We are bombarded everyday with messages from all ranges of experts about how to lose weight and get the body we want.

What happens as a result of this message is not much. We are paralysed by choices.

We don’t know whether to do zumba, weight training, cross fit, weight watchers, cardio, high intensity interval training, […]

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A Simple Exercise Guide To Follow For Four Weeks

In this four week exercise guide I am going to approach your exercise from a different perspective.

There are millions of exercise programs out there and all of them are great for weight loss and getting fit. However, I realize that all of your are unique and have different likes and tastes so I am […]

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What Stuff Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

What should I eat to lose weight?
Sounds like a simple question. Not in todays world it isn’t. I wish I could answer this but everyone is right and everyone is wrong when it comes to nutrition nowadays.
So I have decided to give you a simple day of healthy eating to lose weight. You won’t […]

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Four Good Reasons Why Protein Can Assist With Weight loss

I don’t like to focus on ‘nutrients’ or single out food groups when it comes to weight loss but there are some foods we should pay attention to when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Everyone is obsessed with carbs at the minute but that will change over the next year or two. Remember, a […]

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Simple Healthy Eating Ideas For Weight Loss

Here is another set of simple ideas for a healthy day of eating.

I like providing these just to give some ideas and I make sure to cover all the basics:

Healthy fats
Lean proteins
Good Starchy carbohydrates
Vegetables and fruits
Water or teas or coffee

If you can keep your food simple you can really get results and weight loss […]

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Negative Influences That Affect Your Weight Loss

Today’s post is a short one on how you can be heavily influenced – in a negative way for your weight loss and fitness – by those around or closest to you.

I have been training people for over 10 years now and one of the hardest things for me to coach is to get […]

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